Lighting Design Forum 2014

Lighting historic art and monuments:
a new approach using latest technologies Lighting historic art and monuments

The lighting Design Forum 2014 was held last November in Singapore at the National Design Centre.
In the Pacific Asian area, from the China to Indonesia, nations are discovering the importance of their origins. As a consequence a great deal of monetary investment is necessary to safely recover, maintain and display the prestigious monuments and artefacts. In fact we understand that 100 museums will be opened next year in China. The dynamics of such an undertaking are so huge that we felt it important to look at this area of business.
Therefore our first forum on the lighting of historic art and monuments. The valuable participation of the guest speakers made this event both interesting and informative and contributed to its success.


Mr Louis Clair and Mr Emmanuel Clair from Light Cibles – Singapore – talked about their experiences moving from the lighting project of Mont Saint Michel in France to the project for the Indonesian monument of Borobudur.

The Italian lighting designers, Serena Tellini and Francesco Iannone from Consuline, demonstated a new lighting technique the so called “Monza Method”. They gave the audience a practical demonstration and all encompassing about how the correct approach can lead to a better understanding of the work of the artist.
A welcome speech was given by Mr. Gianluca Rubagotti, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Italy, and was introduced by the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, Mr. Federico Donato.
After presenting the program and explaining the mission of the Lighting Design Forum, Mr Roberto Baggio, who was the main promoter of this event and is the promoter for the Lighting Design project, welcomed Ms Jean Wee, Director of the National Heritage Board.
She spoke to the audience about the importance of light and about year 2015 which has been already announced as the International Year of Light

Finally we should not forget to mention the session for students held at the Raffles College of Higher Education just the day prior to the forum. Ms Tellini and Mr Iannone gave a most interesting and informative presentation on their “Monza method” which was well received by the students.


See the video. It’s worth it!