About us

Sharing Ideas

The noun forum used to be an open public area in the ancient Roman cities: It was a huge meeting point for people and for business.
We strongly think that this noun of latin origin fits perfectly into our new challenge. The Lighting Design Forum aims to play an important role for inspired people that want to exchange ideas and experiences about their lighting projects and about the lighting field in general.
That’s why our challenge started with the first Lighting Design Forum which was held last November in Singapore.
We believe passionately that experiences and opinions about the multifaceted field of lighting will give us a great chance to learn and to improve our knowledge and will help us to create a strong and enduring community.
2015 will be the International Year of Light and we think this was the perfect moment to start this new enterprise.
We foresee The Lighting Design Forum becoming a platform where ideas can develop and goals be achieved with the support of its members.
Hope you will join us. We count on you!



Roberto Baggio, Editor


Cecilia Ghidetti, chief Editor